Tour Highlights

Meteora is one of the most impressive and popular monuments in Greece. Thermopylae is also certainly the most popular battle site in ancient Greece. The message that this battle has given to humanity has been unique. We will talk a lot in this long journey, about myths and history and explain everything.

Photo Tip: In all our tours, upon request, a specialized photographer can be present, for the photographic coverage of all your personal moments and sights. These photos will be sent to your personal email processed and in high resolution. The cost depends on the tour and the people that participate.

Duration: 12 hours

Why should I choose this tour?

Meteora is one of the most impressive and popular monuments in Greece. Monasteries are strikingly hanging on the rocks making you feel the magic, the awe and the admiration for this landscape. Next station will be Thermopylae, the most popular battle site in Greece.

What are we going to do:

We will start from the center of Athens and take about 4 hours to reach the Meteora. On our way, we will pass through important points of interest: Battlefield of Plataea and Marathon and great ancient cities such as Thebes. At Meteora we will visit at least 2 – 3 monasteries (Great Meteora and Agios Stefanos included). Then we will visit the village Castraki, under Meteora rocks, and we will have lunch there. Our final destination will be the battlefield of the 300 Spartans and King Leonidas against the Persians, at Thermopylae. The place that took place one of the most important battles in World History.

What are we going to see:

Marathon Battlefield

Thebes and Kitheron mountain

Mountain Penteli, where all the marbles for Parthenon came from

The battlefield of Thermopylae, the thermal springs and monument of 300 Spartans

Agios Stefanos Monastery at Meteora

The Great Meteora Monastery

ALL TOURS INCLUDE: Water, sodas and snacks

NOT INCLUDED: Tickets for Archeological sites and Museums, Hotel Accommodation, Lunch and Dinner


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